A co-working space operated since 2011 by Yokohama Community Design Lab, an NPO that conducts practical research on “community development” by supporting individuals and organizations that want to improve their communities.

It is located on Sakura-dori in Kannai, the business district of Yokohama. The space, which was renovated from a Showa-era building, is used by a variety of unique members, including artists, IT specialists, and leaders of the local recycling society.

  • I want to start a local recycling-oriented business.
  • Female Entrepreneur
  • Student entrepreneurs
  • Those who want to start a business on the side


About FabLab Kannai

FabLab Kannai, which was based at Sakura WORKS until 2015, has now moved to a different room on the same floor. For more information, please contact FabLab Kannai.